[Snort-users] question about TAG

Mark Nipper nipsy at ...5072...
Thu Nov 13 06:20:10 EST 2003

On 13 Nov 2003, Slighter, Tim wrote:
> Does the use of TAG have any prequisites from the preprocessors such as
> stream4 ?
> TAG used to work and the only changes made since then has been to disable
> stream4 and now the TAG feature no longer works.

	Speaking of which, and I apologize for not answering any
questions here and instead just show up with more demands, but it
would be nice if a dependency tree of some kind could be made in
the docs or someplace else appropriate.  I've often wondered, in
an attempt to scale back processing to only the things I know I
need, whether turning off something like stream4 is going to hose
the rest of my preprocessors I know I need to be using for some

	There are at least two of us who would like to see such
information.  :)  Thanks...

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