[Snort-users] Spade/Spice and Snort?

Matt Kettler mkettler at ...4108...
Wed Nov 12 10:11:07 EST 2003

At 01:58 PM 11/3/2003, Michael Steele wrote:
>Spade and Spice will be transferred to Demarc shortly, and as far as I know
>the current release of Spade will work with 2.x. At one point we did have it
>installed and working on 2.x

For reference, yesterday I built a copy of snort 2.0.4 with Spade-030125.1 
and it works fine. However I did have fix some errant newlines in a couple 
of Makefiles.

Basically I wound up with things like this:
         libspp_a_OBJECTS = $(am_libspp_a_OBJECTS)
instead of this:
         libspp_a_OBJECTS = $(am_libspp_a_OBJECTS)\

I don't remember exactly where the other occurrence of a mis-escaped 
newline snuck in, but there were two of them and they were straightforward 
to fix. Without fixing them I was getting unresolved externals.. (because 
spp_spade.o wasn't being linked into libspp.. go figure)

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