RES: [Snort-users] Newbie Question on using snort

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Wed Nov 12 07:57:28 EST 2003

Sp0oKeR Labs wrote:
>     Try
>     There are many documentation.
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> Sp0oKeR

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>     I'm also interested in finding information on
>     how to read the alerts or rather what is alert xyz actually telling me.
>     Apologies if these are fairly brain-dead questions but my network
>     analysis experience is fairly limited.   
>     thanks   
>     *Rupert Broad*

At the suggestion above, I have been searching the site 
for information about reading alerts and what they actually are 
revealing - perhaps someone would be so kind as to post a more exact URL 
pointing to some beginner level info concerning the interpretation of 

Donna dm87

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