[Snort-users] Turbo patch/PACKET_RX_RING with 2.4.x kernels

Scott Zawalski scott.zawalski at ...5689...
Sat Nov 8 01:14:02 EST 2003

I recently upgraded my kernel from a Redhat recompiled kernel to a 
kernel I compiled myself. I now no longer have PACKET_RX_RING support. I 
have read the READ ME.linux as many times as possible :) I have both 
CONFIG_FILTER and CONFIG_PACKET selected. I could not find a turbo patch 
for any 2.4 kernels so I assumed it was incorporated. Any help would be 
greatly appreciated.

Also would a 2.6 kernel possibly boost performance or is that not worth 
it? 2.2 maybe?

I am using the E1000 driver and I read something about hacked drivers 
lowering packet loss I only found drivers though for 2.2 kernels. Do 
most of you guys run with the current 2.4 stable or do you go for the 
2.2 kernel?

Thank you,

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