[Snort-users] Ref Error 1067

Bill Kaminski skate03 at ...5190...
Fri Nov 7 17:35:37 EST 2003

Hello snort-users,

  If you encounter errors with this on starting the service, you need
  to check your rules! Make sure whatever rules you are not using in
  your .conf file are remd out in the rules file. I.E. AIM_Servers is
  off in the .conf file make sure it is remd out in the misc.rule or
  you will get the 1067 error. Also I did change the way the rules
  path is at the bottom of the snort.conf file.... change from this
  $rule_set/ to this $rule_set\   My service starts like a champ.
  Outstanding IDS!!!!

Very Respectfully,

The Bat! 2.00.6
Windows XP Pro                        

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