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Fri Nov 7 08:06:31 EST 2003



Sorry if this is documented somewhere - I've searched google and the
ring pcap site for the answer and can't find it. I've installed the ring
pcap version of libpcap and verified TCPDUMP is using it properly. My
question is basically how do I set the PCAP environment variables so
that Snort correctly uses them. The trick is that I'm running snort
under an account that does not have the rights to login (shell
/sbin/nologin etc...) which as I understand it prevents /etc/profile
from executing. If I login as a user that has shell login rights the
environment variables are set correctly. I am running Snort in daemon
mode as well - which I've read differing accounts about it kicking Snort
off as root initially then switching to the snort account (not certain
about this) - in which case the environment variables set for root who
can login might take care of it. 


Sorry if this is obvious and I've just missed it somewhere - if anyone
out there could provide some guidance on how to properly set the PCAP
variables for Snort running under an account that has no shell I would
be most appreciative. 


I'm running Snort 2.0.2 but will be upgrading to Snort 2.0.3 soon.







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