[Snort-users] snort and proxy

nosnos nosnos94 at ...143...
Fri Nov 7 00:00:13 EST 2003


I want to know if snort can store the ip of a destination if snort is 
bewind a proxy. For the moment, my snort can't see the destination 
because all request has the proxy's IP .... :( Is there a way to solve 
this problem ?

Moreover, i want snort to list all the URL that my network attemp to reach.

For example I have 3 pc connected and I want that snort make the 
followig list (in a database if possible)
(an example) :

- IP src                                     URL (pc IP 1)              www.linux.org (pc IP 1)              www.snort.org (pc IP 1)              www.amazon.com
PS : i don't the IP dest because, an IP can be assigned for many site ....

thx a lot

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