[Snort-users] MySQL Issues.

Craig Paterson craigp at ...9278...
Thu Nov 6 15:02:06 EST 2003

Michael Thompson wrote:

>  Hello. I have just installed and attempted to run Snort.
>  I have it to log to a MySQL database, so it can be inspected via
>  ACID.
>  However, it refuses to start, complaining that it is'nt compiled
>  with MySQL support. I ./configured with the following:
>  ./configure --with-mysql=/usr/include/mysql
>  That directory does contain mysql.h and other header files. There is
>  no complaint from ./configure at any point.
>  Has any one got any ideas on whats wrong? I have of course got the
>  Header files from MySQL.com installed! Please forgive me for being a
>  reletive Linux newbie!!!!

Apologies if this is patronizing, but are you sure you're executing the 
right snort binary? I ask because I just built 2.0.4 and was scratching 
my head for a while until I realized I was actually running an old binary...


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