[Snort-users] Barnyard Acid MySQL problem

Robert Vance Jr rev at ...10091...
Thu Nov 6 09:39:17 EST 2003

> When sending output to Acid/Mysql using only snort, my signature field
> would list something like this below...
> SCAN Proxy (8080) attempt
> After setting up Barnyard I am now getting this...
> Snort Alert [1:618:0] 

My first guess would be that when you fired up your barnyard process,
you did not configure it to use the sid-msg.map file.  This file maps
signature ids to their respective alert message.  So try something like

/path/to/barnyard -s /path/to/sid-msg.map

You'll want to include any other command line parameters that you're
already using as well.


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