[Snort-users] Re: [Snort-sigs] A tool like swatch

Sir Fenix claudus at ...10165...
Thu Nov 6 08:12:31 EST 2003

You are rigth, I mean, better than swatch, more reliable and eficient.

Thanks Jim, Logsurfer seems ok.

Thanks Matt for your comment.

Matt Kettler wrote:

> At 11:34 AM 11/5/2003, Sir Fenix wrote:
>> Hi
>> Does anyone know another tool thant works exactly like swatch?.
> *exactly*, no that I'm aware of... that'd be pretty redundant with 
> swatch and kind of silly. There are a lot of very similar tools out 
> there however.
> www.logwatch.org for example.
> logcheck is another

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