[Snort-users] Building snort 2.0.3 on FreeBSD 4,8

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> Subject: [Snort-users] Building snort 2.0.3 on FreeBSD 4,8
> I have a simple question...   I'm not real familiar with FreBSD
> I just checked out the current source code for snort ( 2.0.3 I think )
> I have 1.9 installed now from my ports...
Use portupgrade.  If you compiled snort with support for mysql:

% portupgrade -m "-DWITH_MYSQL" snort

If you haven't installed portupgrade, you'll have to do that first.  Go
to /usr/ports/systutils/portupgrade and make, make install, make

Are you sure 2.0.3 is out?  I just compiled this week and it was 2.0.2,
and I cvsup every night.

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