[Snort-users] Fallacies and lies.

Bob Walder bwalder at ...1926...
Thu Nov 6 02:43:08 EST 2003

I am not saying they are wrong about WHERE IDS/IPS is going - it HAS to
migrate to the core eventually - but to state that as of NOW IDS is dead
and IPS is stillborn and that deep inspection firewalls can do
everything that we want is downright irresponsible.


Bob Walder

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>> I don't want to be seen to be standing up for Gartner - but 
>> one thing is correct.
>> They say:
>> "They don't work at wire speeds. Most network-based IDS 
>> products don't detect attacks in real time, and they can't 
>> handle the high speeds of internal networks"
>> The last piece is correct - in a different context. If you 
>> want to start pushing IDS "features" into your core INTERNAL 
>> network - then you really are looking at IDS functionality 
>> within routers and switches - not extra boxes.
>> If you have 40 switches on your LAN - what would you prefer? 
>> 40 new IDS in front of each, or switches that "do" IDS? What 
>> about the extra 70 Wireless APs you have? You can't have 
>> them all sitting next to one IDS now can you...
>> Either switches add IDS functionality, or IDS needs to add 
>> switch functionality ;-)
>> ...or we all go to migrating to HIDS [that's where I think 
>> the future lies - even IDS in switches can't handle IPSec]
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