[Snort-users] Snort statistics in deamon mode

Mark Nipper nipsy at ...5072...
Wed Nov 5 14:06:15 EST 2003

On 05 Nov 2003, BOUDON Franck TRANSPAC wrote:
> Snort shows statistics when the process is launched in command
> mode but how can I have Snort statistics in deamon mode ?

	From the man page:
              Causes the program to dump its current packet statistical infor-
              mation to the cosole or syslogd(8) if in daemon mode.

	So assuming you're using a Unix of some kind, just send
it a 'kill -s USR1 pid' where pid is the process id for snort.
And you'll have to find where your syslogd dumps the messages of
course.  :)

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