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Wed Nov 5 07:41:59 EST 2003

yeah... that does not work for me... :)

I turned that feature on a few months ago and it was scary!

I have 4,000 plus users who love their email!


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> You might want this option for postfix, have it bcc a new 
> e-mail box on your groupwise server and setup rules that will 
> delete all e-mails except those destined for your teacher or 
> coming from that suspected student.
> The postfix always_bcc parameter is what you're looking for: 
> /usr/share/doc/packages/postfix/samples/sample-misc.cf: 
> # The always_bcc parameter specifies an optional address that 
> # receives a copy of each message that enters the Postfix system, 
> # not including bounces that are generated locally. 
> # 
> always_bcc = 
Oof dah!  Hope he has a very small user base or a very large hard

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