[Snort-users] Fallacies and lies.

Rich Adamson radamson at ...2127...
Wed Nov 5 05:10:35 EST 2003

> I am not a vendor of IDS/IPS product - I have no connection with any
> such vendors (other than in my capacity as an independent tester of such
> products) and so I have no real axe to grind here - but it really ticks
> me off that Gartner can keep on coming out with crap like this and not
> only getting away with it, but actually getting some mugs to pay for it!

I'm with you, however keep in mind their comments have a 98% probability
they were based on "marketing" principles, and not on any current real
facts. Their actions are really no different then a lot of companies that
sell products; how far can the marketing people stretch the truth to gain
customer attention and sales?

If you step way back and watch how marketing people and politicians work 
in the US at least, the individuals (in politics) and many companies (in 
products) that are towards the top of the pile are frequently borderline 
liars. That's one of the fundamental reasons why one will seldom see 
individuals with any form of technical background fill marketing or 
political positions. (There are obviously some exceptions, but not very

Gartner's target audience for sales has been, and will continue to be, the 
upper and senior management ranks in fortune 1000 businesses. These are 
the same people that have signature level authority to comission that
company to do something the executive considers important to his/her area
or business. Gartner's technical audience is a very small piece of their

In the end whether its Gartner, the president, a marketing VP, or a used
car salesperson, it doesn't make any difference to most of us. All they 
have to remember is the same three things that plumbers have known for 
  1. Payday is on Friday,
  2. The boss is a good guy, and,
  3. Shit runs downhill
     a. "I was briefed incorrectly..."
     b. "Our technical department gave me..."
     c. "It was taken out of context..."
     d. "Specs changed..."
     e. <read the latest headlines or marketing slicks for hundreds more>

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