[Snort-users] Fallacies and lies.

Bob Walder bwalder at ...1926...
Wed Nov 5 01:57:16 EST 2003

Gartner like to keep trotting this one out to garner some publicity - at
our recent NetEvents seminar in Cannes the highlight of the event was
the discussion panel entitled "IDS is Dead", on which we included IDS
vendors, IPS vendors and a Gartner representative. Even he admitted that
the statements in their recent press release were "a little strong" - I
put it to him that they were actually complete bollocks - the truth
probably lies somewhere in-between.

Note in this latest piece of drivel that they maintain that the firewall
can do all its firewall business plus some intrusion detection and
prevention, and all at wire speeds. Well, show me a firewall that can do
all of that at Gigabit speeds and I will eat my hat - most Gigabit
firewalls cannot even firewall at wire speeds, never mind anything else.
Note also that they maintain that "mature products will appear in 2005"
- so what are we supposed to do until then? I think IDS is safe for

I am not a vendor of IDS/IPS product - I have no connection with any
such vendors (other than in my capacity as an independent tester of such
products) and so I have no real axe to grind here - but it really ticks
me off that Gartner can keep on coming out with crap like this and not
only getting away with it, but actually getting some mugs to pay for it!


Bob Walder
The NSS Group

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There appears to be little basis in fact with this report. Our favourite
pig will quite happily perform at network speeds and in inline mode.


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