[Snort-users] Virus Rules Gone?

Matt Kettler mkettler at ...4108...
Fri May 30 15:05:05 EDT 2003

At 03:04 PM 5/30/2003 -0600, Steve An wrote:
>Is Snort not using virus rules any longer?  I got this signature update...

Well, the virus rules haven't been actively developed for something like 2 
years now, so does this surprise you?

Besides, snort makes an extraordinarily lame replacement for a virus 
scanner. With the advent of free tools like clamAV, IMHO anyone using the 
virus rules is just wasting CPU time on something which is done better 

Is there something I'm missing that makes these rules have some value, or 
does it just boil down to another "admins are lazy and want one app to do 
it all, even if it does it poorly" situation?

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