[Snort-users] unable to start snort

Chris chris at ...9206...
Thu May 29 13:59:01 EDT 2003


Without seeing the script that you have written or are using to launch
snort in this case, the best bet would be to check why it is trying to
use a user named "snort" and whether or not you have appropriate
users/groups included in your /etc/passwd.


Can you provide version, OS, configuration info, and what you've done so
far, etc.. that would be a help in trying to help you.


Good luck,




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start it like this:


snort -d 


and see if it works

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Hi I was wondering if anyone has scene this before.   Could it be
something wrong with my snortd file?
 Thanks in advance Nick
[root at ...9325... root]# ./snortd start
Starting snort: ERROR: User "snort" unknown
Fatal Error, Quitting..
[root at ...9325... root]#

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