[Snort-users] Am I in the right place? (was: Tips for using ACID in a multi-adm in environment)

dave dave at ...9330...
Thu May 29 13:42:04 EDT 2003

We could always start one......I am sure people like Michael Steele would
want to get involved.....

Dave Kleiman
dave at ...9330...


So, is there a better list for advanced snort issues and/or enterprise snort
deployment questions?  If not, are there people on this list who've gone
through these issues and don't want to discuss them in a public forum?  As I
said, I'm not trying to be a rabble-rouser, it's just that the great support
from the mailing list was one of the selling points when I convinced
management to go Open Source, so it's a bit confusing/embarassing when I
send out questions that get no response at all.



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