[Snort-users] unable to start snort

Pacheco, Michael F. MPacheco at ...6219...
Thu May 29 10:02:03 EDT 2003

The snortd start script is using a user named snort to start the snort
process, that user does not exist on your box, useradd snort to the box and
you should be all set.  Suggest you read the snortd script in /etc/init.d
(if that's were it is - your mileage may vary by distribution), it will tell
you a lot about how snort is configured to start and run.

My 2cents


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Hi I was wondering if anyone has scene this before.   Could it be something
wrong with my snortd file?
 Thanks in advance Nick

[root at ...9325... root]# ./snortd start
Starting snort: ERROR: User "snort" unknown
Fatal Error, Quitting..
[root at ...9325... root]#
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