[Snort-users] ERROR: curl: (6) name lookup time-outed

Jeremy Bartels Jeremy.Bartels at ...8170...
Thu May 29 05:29:21 EDT 2003

Hi all

I'm following the document from http://www.superhac.com on Enterprise snort

I set everything up and put a linux router between the sensors and the
managment server.

When trying to add a sensor in the SnortCenter page I got this error (it
worked without the router):

	curl: (6) name lookup time-outed

anyone seen this before?

I added the sensors and managment server into /etc/hosts and it seemed to
fix this problem
I thought i'd post this for anyone else who might have/will have this

and maybe someone can explain why this happened? does snortcenter, snort, or
whatever NEED a dns server?
btw I only entered IP Address into the config files.



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