[Snort-users] cannot start snort sensor

Erick Mechler emechler at ...7719...
Wed May 28 09:32:02 EDT 2003

:: I get this message:
:: 	Attempting to start Sensor Agent..
:: 	Starting SnortCenter Sensor Agent server in /opt/snortagent/sensor
:: 	Failed to bind port 2525 : Cannot assign requested address at
:: /opt/snortagent/sensor/miniserv.pl line 309.
:: 	ERROR: Failed to start Sensor Agent!
:: does anyone have any ideas?

Make sure that the bind= directive in your miniserv.conf file has the
correct IP in it (that is, the IP listed there actually belongs to your
system).  Also check to see that nothing else is using port 2525.

Cheers - Erick

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