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Tue May 27 11:16:05 EDT 2003

Hi - 

Hope this isn't a FAQ, I couldn't find reference to it.

I'm trying to install Snortcenter on a network that's been 
successfully running Snort/ACID for some time. When trying
to load rules into Snortcenter, either by fetching them from
the Internet or by manually reading in a file, I get the
following error in the GUI:

Database ERROR:Database ERROR:Unknown column 'byte_jump' in 'field list'

My best guess is that Snortcenter doesn't know about the new
byte_jump option in Snort 2.0 rules. Has anyone got a fix 
for this? Maybe I just need to add the new column to MySQL,
but I'm not sure where or how.

# snort -V
-*> Snort! <*-
Version 2.0.0 (Build 72)

and snortcenter-v1.0-RC1

# /usr/bin/mysql -V
/usr/bin/mysql  Ver 11.18 Distrib 3.23.56, for pc-linux (i686)

and RH8.

Any ideas? Thanks.

Matthew Southworth
B621 BA09 2169 953A 44F0  B0EB 12C2 656D 0DE0 CEEC
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