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Well, if you weren't opposed to such a solution, you might want to set
up something like Guardian to watch these guests.  Especially if you
could put all the guests on either their own subnet, their own physical
segment, or both.  Then you set your gaurdian-ish device to simply
squelch any further traffic from your guest until they can get cleaned

This doesn't really fix anything, but it might stop the abuse complaints
by cutting back on the volume of blabbing that goes outbound.

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The network that I manage is unique in that I often have "guests"
connecting to my access level switches for a short time only (1 to 5
days).  Occasionally, we get a guest machine that is infected and is
"blabbing" out to the internet.  It sometimes becomes an issue when
one of the groups such as abuse.net comes back with a complaint.
Usually, the client has moved on already and the offending address is
back in the pool.

Is snort the right tool and if so, does anyone have any pointers on
how to configure it to watch for outbound malicious traffic only
(scans, known signatures, etc.)? My 1st thought is to set the
HOME_NET to any and the EXTERNAL_NET to my dhcp address ranges.

I am trying to have a way of determining if there is malicious
activity stemming from my network before I have to hear about it from
someone else.


Eric Garnel CCNP, MCSE

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