[Snort-users] Can snort create actual traffic? (imp)

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Fri May 23 05:09:06 EDT 2003

You need a protocol simulator or some testing tools. Spirent (www.spirent.com) is the leader in making traffic generators. Look for smart bit products.

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  From how much i have understood in snort is:

  There are three modes of operations
      Sniffer Mode: which basically will sniff packets like tcpdump..
      Packet Logger Mode: which will log packets the packets dumped in the specified file or device.
      IDS Mode: It enables network intrusion detection (NIDS) mode.

  OK..so far so good....

  But I want to generate traffic. Can i use snort for that?
  Suppose  i have records like
   SRC                         DEST - - - - - - - -
  and i want to generate traffic from each source with that port no to its corresponding destination. Can i do that with snort????

  I appreciate your help

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