[Snort-users] way for test snort ?

Matt Nelson nelsbels at ...8677...
Thu May 22 15:54:08 EDT 2003

to test get a port scanner and scan something. or if you have your porn
rules on, surf some porn.

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Hi gang,

I have installed Snort-Acid-Mysql-etc ....etc..... on Solaris9

All is OK and I am very happy with.

But now, I must test it quickly.
What is the best way for that ?
How do you test  effectively each rules in a quick way ?

I had a look on the prog snot but I haven't very confidence for adopt it
quickly without have a look on the source code quickly.

As second query, how do you phohibit the usage of prog as snot by an
internal user ?
He can generate several thousands alert just for fun.
Of course, as it's an internal user, it's possible to go see it directly.
But, is there an protection for this if the type of Denial Of Service
was made by an external user ( or an external user spoofing an internal
user ) ?

Thanks in advance for your answers and councils.


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