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Hi Marcelo,
Of course this is possible, but your machine has to be well equiped if the
lines are saturated (watch the dropped packet statistics). Simply create
your snort.conf (or a snort.conf for each interface) and start an own snort
instance per interface. I described a setup in my howto at
<>  (although the
frontpage is german the howto is english ;). It also contains a snortd
startup script for that environment except that it has not yet the
"multi-snort.conf" feature, but this shouldn't be too hard to implement.
BTW, all said has been proofed to work with linux, never tried another OS,
but *bsd should do the trick as well ;)

Dear Snort Users,

My Name is Marcelo. I'm new on SNort and i'm developing my IDS project based
on Snort.
 My question is: May i use a snort sensor computer to sniff more than one
network (with 3 or more nics, per exemple)?
Thanks for help.
Marcelo Ribeiro.

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