[Snort-users] Interest in Snort/Acid/SnortCenter/etc... Integrated RPM and Setup?

Steve Nutt luckysnutt at ...5190...
Thu May 22 00:09:07 EDT 2003


If this is an invitation to a packages instillation of snort, snort and
acid, I would like the URL please.

I have been using snort with SnortSnarf for sometime but have been wanting
to install snort, acid, mysql, etc but have not had the time. So, a linux
based install simular to Pack X for windows would be nice.

I am interested.


Cris wrote
Anyone here interested in packaging of Snort with Acid and all the trimmings
in some sort of standardized RPM type format?

Thinking this might be easier for my sensors, curious if it would help
others at the same time. We do fresh installs for each release (no in-box
upgrades) and end up putting it back together anyways. If there’s interest,
please let me know privately (no need to spam the list too much).

Also, the key here is INTEGRATED rpm/setup – not just lots of separate
packages. So I’m also interested in whether or not any of the software
authors have issues with packaged installs with complementary products, etc

Feedback and criticism welcome, flames to /dev/null. Seems like a great way
to get newer users using Snort, and might save a few headaches from time to
time, IMO.


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