[Snort-users] Some help with barnyard needed

Nicholas Delo ndelo at ...9245...
Wed May 21 07:57:06 EDT 2003

I'm just trying out barnyard for the first time. However when I execute
it with the following (I'm trying to log to a mysql db)--


barnyard -o -c /usr/local/barnyard/etc/barnyard.conf \

        -f /var/log/snort/packetcapture.eth1.1053523986 \

        -g /usr/local/snort/etc/gen-msg.map \

        -s /usr/local/snort/etc/sid-msg.map


I get this error: 


ERROR => No input plugin found for magic: a1b2c3d4

Fatal Error, Quitting..



I've been searching around google and there are few posts regarding this
topic, but nothing that has lead me to getting this thing to work. I am
running Snort 2.0 and barnyard 0.1.0 (Build 17). Has anyone else run
into this?

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