[Snort-users] ICMP Ping NMAP troubleshooting

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Tue May 20 07:01:02 EDT 2003

Yes we have a network monitor but we've already filtered pings generated from that system out. These pings are coming from all of our W2K servers to one specific server, our DNS/Windows Terminal server.
All of these systems, includeing the snort setup are behind our firewall as well as our snort box. We decided it would not benifit us to put snort outside our firewall. We want to montitor what's getting through on to our internal network.

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	Are you running any form of server checking software?
	Some of those tend to use pings to check if host it up.
	Could you not filter out external -> internal pings via a firewall?
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	> I've just setup a snort & acid setup on our company network. I've noticed
	a lot of ICMP Ping NMAP hits coming from our servers and going to our W2K
	DNS/Terminal server. I'd like to find out if this is normal or what is
	generating the pings but I'm not sure how to track a packet with no payload
	back to it's source program. Also, if it's normal for my network, then what
	do most people recommend?
	> A. Ignore the thousands of hits it gets
	> B. Disable that one rule for the one destination.
	> Any comments would be appreciated.
	> Thanks,
	> Steve
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