[Snort-users] Segfault

Erek Adams erek at ...950...
Thu May 15 13:12:07 EDT 2003

On Thu, 15 May 2003, IntelliSTAR Security wrote:

> I'm running Snort 2.0 (with mysql enabled) and I keep getting a seg
> fault. This sensor is a fresh install of FreeBSD 5.0 and just had RAM
> swapped out (had segfaults on the same sensor with FreeBSD 4.6).
> Any ideas? Is anyone else having a problem with segmentation faults? Is
> there something in my config I'm missing?

Well one idea--Somethings not right.  ;-)  Seriously, it could be a lot of

*  Are you getting a core dump?  If so, can you give us a backtrace using
gdb?  If there's no core, try running Snort under gdb.  Once it segfaults,
you should be able to give us a backtrace.

*  When does it die?  Is it the same point each time?

*  What do you have in your .conf (minus blank lines and comments)?  You
can get that by:

	grep -v '^#' snort.conf |grep -v '^$'


Erek Adams

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