[Snort-users] Disabling flow control from command line

Roberto Suarez Soto robe at ...3881...
Thu May 15 03:04:14 EDT 2003


	I use snort to process data captured with other snort instances
in remote computers, in tcpdump format (pcap files), and put the
generated alerts into a DB. But many rules have flow controls (the
typical is "flow:to_server,established", mainly in the http processing
rules), and so when I "replay" these dumps with snort offline, it
doesn't generate any alerts for them. You wouldn't believe how long I
took to realize why this happened O:-) But it's logical if you think of
it, because there are no flows there, only the packets.

	I've tried erasing the flow statements from the rules, and it
works. But I don't want to post-process all snort rules every time they
get updated :-) So, I was wondering if there is some kind of command
line switch (or any other trick) to ignore all reference to flows. If
there isn't, take it as a suggestion for a "--no-flows" parameter :-)

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