[Snort-users] Snort 2.0 + mysql, Make problems

Mahdi Kefayati kefaiati at ...131...
Tue May 13 07:46:22 EDT 2003

In the Name of the Dearest
Hi all
I'm installing snort 2.0 + mysl-client + mysql-devel to run a sensor, but i faced some problems in make command although ./configure ran successfully. First i tried mysql-3.23.5? but it failed so i upgraded to mysql-4.0.1 but still it failed to make. surprisingly i had mysql 3.23.5? on another old box running snort 1.9.1 and when i upgraded i faced no problem. and finally i note that make complaines about a function in some library about mysql. if anybody needs more detail ask for it please.
by the way i'm running redhat linux 8.0 and i installed it with almost no package but gcc, automake and autoconf. I think some package is missing, but what? I don know :D
Mahdi Kefayati

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