[Snort-users] Newbie

Stefan Kohn stefan-w.k at ...348...
Tue May 13 06:18:05 EDT 2003


i'm absolutely new in using Snort or any Programs like that. So,... my
prob is, that i have to make a Project with snort and i like to do the
following Processes in it:

1. Using snort on a different Group of Clients, mixed up with Linux and

2. Sending the Alarm-Reports of these Clients to a Database to store
these logs and for example check out, if some bad guys are trying to
hack some of these machines one by one ....

3. Protect these logs on this "Server" against hacking and manipulation
from these bad guys!

Strong stuff, huh? *smile


did anyone of you have a idea how i can find documentations about this
or ... did anyone of you did it before?

I copied the official snort-docs and Manuals, but i can't find the
usefull way to do it in these.


black.wolf at ...348...

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