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Mon May 12 14:19:02 EDT 2003

Try using a BPF filter [0] on the Snort command line to limit the traffice
seen by Snort.  For example:  
    snort [some options] host webserver-ip and net isp-network  
- Christopher 
[0] See the "expression" section  http://www.tcpdump.org/tcpdump_man.html

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My setup...
   - web server sitting on the Internet running Snort v.2.0
   - this is a DSL circuit
   - my web server uses a static address
   - the router to my ISP also has a static address
   - a firewall to my internal network is also on this segment using another
static addresses
I want to capture traffic between the web server and ISP but see everything
on the screen for it AND the traffic between my internal network and ISP. I
have tried configuring a rules.txt file at least 10 different ways to no
avail. Is there some way to only show the traffic on the screen for the web
server to ISP conversations?

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