[Snort-users] Acid shows sensors as 0

Patrick S. Harper lists at ...4250...
Sun May 11 20:06:02 EDT 2003

Do you have Snort setup to log to your database in the snort.conf file? 
did you set up the tables in MySQL?  What command line are you using to
start Snort?  What version of Snort are you running?  What version of
Linux are you running? (Did you mean RedHat 9?)  Did you install from
RPM's and if so which one did you use?  Did you read through any of the
setup guides, or the documentation on the website?

Basically a little more info is needed to help you out.

> I have snort configured on Linux 9.0. Everything went well and I
> installed Acid as well. Snort runs, mysql runs. The problem I am having
> is acid is not displaying any traffic. I have seen the snort logs and
> they have traffic. Could someone please tell me why acid is not
> displaying any traffic. I have run nessus as well as cis and still no

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