[Snort-users] Re: [Users] Need recommendations for good books on the security topic

Haitham hgenedy at ...9144...
Sun May 11 07:12:01 EDT 2003

I Think
"Mastering Network Security" for Chris Brenton will be v helpful as a start
and "Applied Crytography" for Bruce Schneier will be a v good refrence in
this way.

Haitham Genedy

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Hi :-)

Sorry for this a little bit off topic question.  I hope it's ok, it's a
simple one.

Anybody who can recommend a good general security book, covering
firewalls, IDS, authentication, keys, cracker methods, encryption, 3rd
and 4th layer security and so on.

The book shall be used for teaching and education.

I've a book "Network Security Essentials - Application and Standards -
2nd ed.", but it only have about 400 pages, so it probably doesn't dig
deep enough.  Anybody who are familiar with this book?

Best regards
Bjørn Rasmussen


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