[Snort-users] disable /var/log/snort logging

Nick White nwhite at ...9112...
Thu May 8 09:11:07 EDT 2003

Thanks LCL for your suggestions and documentation references.  I now
better understand how snort treats alerts verses logs.  I've tried your
suggestion with the following line in my snort.conf:
output database: alert, mysql, log_null, user=snortusr password=fakepass
dbname=snort host=localhost

But it's still alerting to /var/log/snort.  Whenever I use the -N option
to start snort, it still alerts, but doesn't log any of the packet data.

Snort is starting with -u snort -g snort -d -D -b -c
/etc/snort/snort.conf.  I've tried removing -b, but it still alerts to
disk.  Any other suggestions that I can try?

Thanks again,

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Snort uses two output facilities - one for alerts and one for logs [0]
must read).  Your snort.conf only specifies an output facility for the
alerts, so I'm thinking that Snort therefore falls back to its 'default'
logging facility (i.e., /var/log).  

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