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Wed May 7 14:31:08 EDT 2003

If your mail client was standards-aware and actually showed you message 
headers, you'd already know as every message posted to the list contains"

List-Unsubscribe: <https://lists.sourceforge.net/lists/listinfo/snort-users>

(Note: this is actually _the_ IETF standardized way for a mailing list to 
indicate how to unsubscribe. RFC 2369 chapter 3.)

Go to that page and go ALL the way to the bottom, enter your email address 
and hit "edit options".

If you don't know your password, hit the "mail my password to me" button.

Once you have your password, you can enter it in the box in the upper-left 
and press "unsubscribe".

Poof, you're off the list.

I know the password part is a minor hassle, but it does prevent people from 
just "bumping you off" the list with a fake unsubscribe request.

At 04:42 PM 5/6/2003 +0800, you wrote:
>Hello all:
>     Help me please! How to unsubscribe this list? Thank you!
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