[Snort-users] problem in setting up snort

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The snort.conf file is a *NIX (UNIX, Linux, etc.) text file, unless you got
the Snort distro from Silicon Defense, CodeCrafters, or one winsnort.com,
where the file may have been converted to DOS text format.  

If you're installing Snort under *NIX, then any text editor will work.  

If installing under Win32 and the snort.conf is in *NIX format, then you can
use WordPad (make sure you save as text) or any other Win32 editor (e.g.,
UltraEdit www.ultraedit.com) that understands *NIX files.  If the snort.conf
is in DOS text format, then Notepad will work fine.  



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hi...currently i hav installed SNORT 2.0 and i hav a
problem setting it up....i dont know how to manually
edit the 'snort conf' file to specify the paths to
allow SNORT to find the rules files and classification
files....could u please help me?


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