[Snort-users] Rule Type view

David Powell dpowell at ...8963...
Tue May 6 16:56:18 EDT 2003

Was wondering if any of you have seen this one.

I'm not getting the rule type view in my SnortCenter v1.0 install.  I've ran
SnortCenter 0.9.6 and it worked fine there.  Started a completely new fresh
install of the server from the ground up and installed SnortCenter 1.0 on
Acid acid-0.9.6b23.tar.gz on MySQL-4.0.12-0.i386.rpm running RH9 and I can't
seem to see the rule types in SnortCenter.  Not a snort issue but was
wondering if anyone had experienced this???

Everything else works great.  

Dave Powell - Network Analyst
Infrastructure 310-258-7140
Herbalife IT Department

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