[Snort-users] snortcenter question

James M. Driskell jdriskell at ...8221...
Mon May 5 17:21:03 EDT 2003

Hi All,


I've just installed v 1.0 of snortcenter and have it controlling 2
sensors with different configurations.  Is there an easy way to manage
the different configurations while tuningthe sensors?   Do I create
templates for each sensor?     Where can I find some docs for


Any help will be appreciated.  Thanks,


Jim Driskell


PS - I've placed one of the sensors on the uplink of one of my internal
subnets.  I'd like to view activity coming from this subnet as though it
were from outside, so my thought was to set the var EXTERNAL_NET to this
subnet and set the var HOME_NET to !$EXTERNAL_NET.  Is there a better


Thanks again.  

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