[Snort-users] Snort with DHCP

Sadanapalli, Pradeep Kumar (MED, TCS) Pradeep.Sadanapalli at ...8430...
Fri May 2 10:45:29 EDT 2003

Hi everyone,
First of all, I thank one and all for all your help to me through your
I am running snort-1.9.1 on RedHat 8.0 . I am running snort on my
workstation as a personal
intrusion desktop system. I only bother about the traffic through my
So in my "snort.conf" file, I edited the below line
"var HOME_NET" to
"var HOME_NET my-IP-address"
It works fine. But now I am not using a static IP. I am using DHCP for
this, so the IP keeps changing always.
So how should I modify the snort.conf file , that always sets to the IP
address of my system.
I mean , instead of mentioning my IPADRESS in "var HOME_NET IPADDRESS" ,
is there any other to configure it,(say a variable or so) that sets the
HOME_NET to my IP Address whatever it is?
Please help me.
Thanks in adnace...
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