[Snort-users] What NICs are people using?

Gordon Cunningham gcunnin2 at ...163...
Fri May 2 09:55:13 EDT 2003

Situation:  RedHat (choice of version, 7.3+), snort, multiple segments to
monitor (up to 4), barnyard, MySQL, Webmin, etc.  

RedHat says the use of multiple same-chipset Intel Pro100 NICs won't work
due to a bug in the driver. I need to find a solution to support up to 4
sniffing promiscuous Ethernet ports - 2 dual-port NICs or single 4-port?

Q:  What brand/model of multiple NICs are you using to support sniffing up
to 4 segments (5th separate NIC for management interface) on RedHat systems?

Q:  Do the dual- or multi-port NICs work?

Q:  Should I move to another OS?

Didn't find much in the archives...  Thanks.

- Gordon

Loved this so much I ripped it:  "The software said it requires Windows 98
or better, so I installed Linux..."

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