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Thu May 1 14:38:02 EDT 2003


I recently was charged with installing an IDS solution and I went with Snort and Redhat 9.0. Fortunately there is a great document available written by Steven J. Scott(thanks Steven!), and I have followed it pretty much line for line.

I have MySQL, Acid, Snort, Snortcenter, all running great, as far as I can tell. The only problem I am having is, the database is not getting populated by my sensor. I have installed snortcenter-agent, the mysql-client requisites, and the rest mentioned in the doc. I even have information in my /var/log/snort/alert log. So it IS gathering information. It just does not seem to be sending it on to the SQL server.

Is anyone else having the same issue with RH9.0, MySQL, Acid, Snort, etc? I have looked through the snort-user archives, and have seen bits and pieces of information covered but none of them answers my particular problem.


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