[Snort-users] Snort 2.0 rc1 available

Zach Forsyth Zach.Forsyth at ...6337...
Mon Jun 30 16:48:10 EDT 2003

Can you explain what functionality is actually broken?
I appear to have it working without a problem. RH9, snortcenter, mysql,
acid, etc.

One of the only issues I have is that it will not let me select multiple
rules to activate or deactivate. 
But single clicking works.

Maybe it is missing some functionality that I am not using at this



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> Apologies as this is not strictly snort related - however when using 
> snortcenter - what is the most effective way to enter config: commands

> (as manually modifying the snort.conf file does not work very well - 
> see
> below)  Obvioiusly it can't be entered via any of the "Config Types"
> "Rules" menus so I am at a loss...unless there is anoother way??
Snortcenter RC1 in combination with snort 2.0 is broken to the point of
being useless. Other than that, I never figured out how to use the
config: directive with snortcenter either, so I stopped using it.

My two cents.



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