[Snort-users] Error on postgresql logging

Dilan dilan.a at ...296...
Mon Jun 30 15:02:03 EDT 2003

I have just setup Snort 2.0 with Postgresql 7.3 running on WinXP. Although 
Snort starts and runs without a problem when it tries to log to the database 
the following error shows up in the postgresql log.

ERROR:  Bad timestamp external representation '2003-06-30 21:21:13-77838'
WARNING:  ROLLBACK: no transaction in progress

I have tried a "select '2003-06-30 21:21:13'::timestamp" in psql and it works 
fine but as soon as I add the -77838 part it fails. I have tried starting snort 
with and without -U option and it still tries to log the time in the above 
format. Is there a way to fix this?


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