[Snort-users] question about a receive-only ethernet cable

Scott Renna srenna at ...9588...
Mon Jun 30 11:35:05 EDT 2003

Hello All,

So I've found a few links and pages with information on how to make a
Receive-Only Ethernet cable.  I followed instructions listed on one page
that said to bond wire 1 and 3 together and wire 2 and 6 together on one
end, and remove the rest of lengths of wires 1 and 2 from the cable.
I'm not having luck at all in getting it to work.

ifconfig shows no carrier, and thus their is also no link light on the
switch.  Has anyone successfully constructed one of these cable and if
so does it work on a 100Mb network or just a 10?  

Scott Renna

Scott Renna
Head Systems Administrator
Dynamic Animation Systems


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