[Snort-users] OT: Re: Foundry performance?

Chris Green cmg at ...1935...
Mon Jun 30 08:05:25 EDT 2003

"Roy S. Rapoport" <snort-users at ...9230...> writes:

> I'm not running Foundry currently, but I was instrumental in getting my
> rather large company to switch from being Cisco-only to Foundry about three
> years ago.  The stories I could tell about their customer service could
> amaze you*.  Sure, they were cheaper and faster than Cisco.  But their
> support ruled! :)

[Note: personal experiences from 2 years ago... Not relavant today to
me or Sourcefire]

That was very much true when they were a small company and would do
anything for a sale. I've managed 400+ of their work group switches of
various vintages so I've seen a lot of their problems over time.

When I was @ UAB, we were using their HTTP transparent proxy stuff
to implement a spam shield and I found all sorts of gross bugs with
pass through access and had awesome technical support.  

Later, when I was trying to play with their rate limiting, it was very
difficult to get support to say that it was broken when giving a port
argument rather than just an IP.

I recall trying very hard to get them to turn their
turboiron/serveriron platform into a gigabit hub as well but to no

As a quote, I very fondly recall a Foundry engineer in broken English
telling me "That can not be a bug because this product has been
properly QA'd".  I use that ancedote all the time for telling people
how they should treat commercial bug reports.
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