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Peter Moody peter at ...9047...
Thu Jun 26 14:07:20 EDT 2003

ok, first question answered.  on to question 2.

Now that I've got snort ignoring traffic that I don't care about and
logging everything else, I was wondering about the statefullness of the

if, in my hypothetical situation, I wanted to ignore all p2p traffic, I
know that I could have snort pass on some initial rules (say, a packet
with a "User-Agent: Kazaa"), and then log everything else.  However, I
also want to see about getting snort to not log all of the packets
associated with a user downloading the latest Jenna Jameson movie.  The
packets containing the movie, to the best of my knowledge, wouldn't
contain the User-Agent string, but they would be associated with the
initial connection which did contain that string.  I see that the
stream4 pre-processor has some sort of connection tracking, but will
snort somehow know to pass on those packets as well?



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